Reuniones Internacionales auspiciadas por INIA/AECID en el marco del XX Curso Internacional sobre Enfermedades Infectocontagiosas, Emergentes y Transfronterizas en Animales

M. Báez, E. Ferrer, J.M. Nieto


Infectious diseases are a threat to animal health and food safety in countries where they are present, and a challenge for all those involved in their containment, control and eradication. In the 20th International Course on Infectious, Emerging and Transboundary Animal Diseases held in Madrid from 2 to 30 November 2011, the objectives outlined were concerned with the analysis of those items of most interest and relevance to the topic from different points of view: etiological, pathogenic and pathological, diagnostic, preventive and epidemiological. In addition, the participants were trained in different laboratory methodologies supporting the diagnostic and epidemiological analysis of the diseases under study. The course was sponsored by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for
Development (AECID) and the National Research Institute for Agricultural and Food Technology (INIA). Experiences
exchanged included the management of disasters of this kind in the European context, taking into account the regulations described by international agencies. Lectures were held in seven blocks: Biosafety, Epidemiology, Immunology, Pathology, Diagnosis, Prophylaxis and Preventive Medicine. Practical classes, as well as visits to breeding centers, animal slaughterhouses and research laboratories with high biosafety level were also included. Specialists were interviewed about the use of marker vaccines and the control and progressive eradication of diseases, as well as the need to extend appropriate diagnostic methods, depending on the geographical areas.
There was a high attendance of specialists and workers of the official veterinary services and scientific institutions
from different countries of South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Spain, in addition to interested students and guests from institutions of excellence in the subject. It can be concluded that the course met with the objectives and contributed to the training of specialists involved in issues related to the diagnosis and control measures of important emerging infectious diseases affecting various animal species.

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