Report of gummy stem blight (Didymella bryoniae (Fuckel) Rehm) symptomatology on watermelon fruits (Citrillus lunatus (Thumb) Matsum and Nakai) in the isle of youth, Cuba

Jesús Pérez, Benedicto Martínez, Marta Moreno


Dear Sir,
Spots were detected on fruits of 60 day old watermelon plants (Citrillus lunatus (Thumb) Matsum and Nakai)variety Charleston Gray. They began as tiny wet yellow points, which increased up to 85 mm in diameter becoming brown to black spots, where reproductive structures could be seen. In the flesh and rind, the progression of the disease with yellow to brown areas was observed. The presence of gummy stem blight (Didymella bryoniae (Fuckel) Rehm) was isolated from collected samples. This is the first report of this pathogen on watermelon fruits in the municipality of the Isle of Youth.

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