Fusarium species identified from soil and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in Granma, Cuba

M. Montano, Y. Duarte, B. Martínez


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Over the last years there have been increments in tomato crop areas, with a corresponding increase in the occurrence of fungal diseases. Withered plants have been detected in samples collected with unknown etiology. Soil and plant samples from Granma province, Cuba, were studied by the Laboratory of Plant Mycology at the National Center for Animal and Plant Health in search of the presence of phytopathogens. Identification of the fungal entities was made by using taxonomic keys, Four species belonging to the genus Fusarium were identified. They were Fusarium solani (Martius) Appel & Wollenweber emend. Snyder & Hansen, Fusarium thapsinum Klittich, Leslie, Nelson & Marasas, Fusarium semitectum Berkely & Ravenel, and Fusarium redolens Wollenweber.

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